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Specializing in Sports Therapy and alternatives to care.  

About ...

I am fully licensed and trained as an instructor and facilitator of the Louise Hay philosophy of healing therefore I provide individual one to one support as well as in group settings. Following Louise Hay's book "Heal Your Life;" I inspire people to live their best life and teach them the tools to achieve them and therefore empower people to achieve their highest personal and professional success.

I am a Registered Massage Therapist who specializes in clinical massage therapy 

and sports therapy. Clinical Massage Therapy is a specialized modality that focuses 

on the evaluation, assessment and the treatment of soft tissue dysfunction through 

manual manipulation. Due to my 3000 hours of training I specialize in sports and 

injury rehabilitation and provide a variety of stretching routines to continue healing 

between massages. I also offer pre and post event sports massages. Pre-event 

massage stretches muscles and connective tissues through a full range of motion, 

reducing their chance of injury. Post-activity massage focuses on muscles that have 

been affected during the particular sport. I also practice Reiki and Reflexology, 

allowing gentler alternatives to healing. 

I shine when teaching a variety of workshops especially when bringing forth the work of Louise Hay as well when giving my Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage and when helping clients understand their mind, body and Spirit. 

When I am not at work you will find me out in Kananaskis Country or in the middle of nowhere. I get great joy from reconnecting with Mother Nature when I am back country hiking, 

camping, snow shoeing or skiing. I love photography, yoga, travel, dancing, having plenty of laughs and creating meals for friends and family. 

Some of the people I admire are Louise Hay, the Dalai Llama, Eckhart Tolle, Rick Hansen, Greg Louganis, musicians offer so much spirit guidance, my beautiful parents, Adriaan and Gwen Boek - and Dr. Seuss; “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go." 

In gratitude and service, Arnoud Boek RMT

Shanti Massage & Wellness